HE currently has a team of thirty people, from there are five or six people active in each project country. They are responsible for supporting our entrepreneurs.

Joost van Engen

Founder of HE

"Access to basic health care in remote areas is the key to both development and empowerment"

Cees Rustenhoven


“HE has a proven business model that really contributes to the sustainable improvement of the lives of poor people. I’m convinced that creating business is the correct way to fight poverty. “

Marije Tanis

Operations Manager

"I believe in the combination of social and commercial aspects to facilitate positive change. The idea is that people chose themselves whether they would like to profit from our business model, either by being an entrepreneur who sells medicines and other health products in regions that didn’t have access to these products yet, or by being a client of these entrepreneurs that offer a market of reliable products."

Jan-Willem Loggers

Country Manager

“At HE we have the possibility to promote local entrepreneurship and to create social impact in the most remote areas in developing markets. HE offers a unique proposition that can bring a real change to those who need it the most.”

Timo Beentjes

Country Manager

“I work for HE to allow people a perspective in life, a perspective that they themselves need to make successful. By starting up their own business, they create their own success.”

Wendy Ros

Country Manager

"It's fantastic to see our entrepreneur making a difference in their communities with the right products and education."

Bart van der Vossen

Business Development

"A transparant and effective businessmodel, a team that constantly tries its utter best and the entrepreneurial way HE offers a chance to people living in rural areas of developing countries ; working for HE entails giving as well as receiving energy!"

Thijs Bergervoet

IT Projects and Marketing

"At HE we are always looking for innovative ways to use technology to support our entrepreneurs. The health products they sell go hand in hand together with the right information and advice."

Tosca Terra

Nutritional Expert

"I work for HE as we don’t see the bottom of the pyramid as a poor and pitied group, but provide them with tools and a framework to gain income and become teachers in health themselves."